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Courage WorldwideCourage Worldwide 

Help writing triggers/formulas

1) Opportunity Amount is = the amount at the time the opportunity was created minus the Opportinity Discount field. (Opportipunuty Amount will be the net amount)

2) Making a field on the Account Object (field called Region) a specific pick list region based on a range of zip codes.
Any help would be appreciated. 

Panduranga GollaPanduranga Golla
1.Use before trigger you can achieve this task,but i need oppty discount ,then i will send code.
2.Use filed dependency  concept
Tolga SunarTolga Sunar
1) If you are always going to use the first value of Amount field, you can create a background field that will store the initial value. You are going to update this field with a workflow/process that is going to execute only when a record is created. Then you can create another workflow that will fire when Discount field changes and updates the Amount field accordingly (background Amount field is assumed not to undergo any change).

2) Only picklist and checkbox fields can be controlling and/or dependent field. If your "range of zip codes" field is not of picklist type, then you should create an inline Visualforce page and add it to your detail page layout.