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Subject line Chinese Characters Issue

Hello All,

While sending an email from IBM Lotus Notes with Subject Line Chinese Characters to one of the queue in Salesforce email(example@satis.com) than the Subject line displaying in salesforce as UTF characters like "ÔçÉϺã¬Ï£ÍûÄã×öµÃºÜºÃ" but the body content remains as it is in chinese formate only.
why the subject line is changing the UTF characters(garbage) is salesforce is not converting the chinese character or the issue with the IBM Notes mail box settings.

how to resolve this issue. is this the issue from Lotus notes end or salesforce?

Thanks in advance.

Here I amHere I am
Here i am help less for this question to respond answer but i will give my coments.

I Think no one using IBM Notes or they do not have chinese customers or clients.

Yes, Sir, you may correct!