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lakshmi ganapathirajulakshmi ganapathiraju 

how to create an event in google calender to use salesforce

hi frnds 
i am tring to acess google calnder throw vf pages 
so please help me
how to create an event in google calnder 
Maharajan CMaharajan C
Hi Lakshmi ganapathiraju,

Can you Please refer this Link:-  https://www.cirrusinsight.com/how-to-embed-google-calendar-in-salesforce/

Let me know is that helpul to you

(Sweet Potato Tec)
lakshmi ganapathirajulakshmi ganapathiraju
hi raju 
in the case we acess only view of google calender in salesforce
but not createing any event in google calender 
i want to acess both sides 
thanks for your reply