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Parvinder ChanaParvinder Chana 

How to include email body in auto response template

Hello all,

I'm trying to include body of the email in auto reponse email using {!Case.Email_Thread} but it is not working. I reached out to SF support and according to them it is working as expected and email thread doesn't work in auto response template. Also they suggested that I need to develop VF template and/or apex code to achive this functionality and that is the reason I'm posting my question here to get help. 

Thanks in advance,

Ido Greenbaum 10Ido Greenbaum 10
One alternative would be to ditch auto-response, and create a WorkFlow Rule which will send and Email Alert with the {!Case.Email_Thread} merge field. 
The other alternative is to include the Case Description field in the auto-response email template.