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Ken KoellnerKen Koellner 

Single-page app Lightning inteface is inferior to good ol' URLs in a lot of situations.

I have to say that when you are working on one-record, a single-page type paradigm like Lightning works nice.

But for navigation, I think good ol' URLs fetching a new page is just better, better, better, better.

For Setup, I think Lightning is going to make our lives as developers much much harder and I wish SF would abandon the effort.  In the good ol' days of most of setup, you get a nice page with the create and modification dates and users.  So if something in a trigger breaks, you can check who developed it last, then you can grab the URL and mail it to the developer.

Try that with process builder.  You get a mod date and that's it.  You don't get a name of the last modification and you don't get a URL.  If a trigger breaks, you can email the URL.  If a process breaks, you can't email a URL. 

Yeah, Lightning looks pretty.  But I sure hope all of setup never never never migrates to Lightning.
Andy Freeston_LarterAndy Freeston_Larter
I agree. SPA works well where you have multiple screens that all relate to a single item of data but for complex applications you just want multiple pages each with a unique URL.

I have created an Idea for this.
Ken KoellnerKen Koellner
And I sure hope all the navigation in setup stays as goold ol' URLs and the experiment done in Lightning Process is abandoned.  I wouldn't mind once you navigate to a single process to be in Lightning SPA mode, but the catelog and navigation would be much better as good ol' URLs.

I certainly hope SF doesn't go "too far" with the "mobile first paradigm".  We do not develope workflows on our cell phones  :-)