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Alex MarynchenkoAlex Marynchenko 

Creation of Knowledge base


I would like to create under a separate tab "Knowledge base", where I could upload internal documents for common use (e.g. price lists, fact sheets, presentations, templates...). How can I do that? Or who can help me with that?

SalesForce custom support redirected me to this Forum.
"As we discussed over the call, in order to create a new separate Knowledge Base section, we would need to create a customized Visualforce page, where we can design the page meeting our business needs. We can add quick links to upload, download, view, print etc., internal documents such as price Lists, Fact sheets, Presentations, Templates, Documents etc."

I am not a developer
Hi Alex, 

I can not exactally understand your requirement but to store your internal documents in a new tab you can try following -

1. Click on document tab (If tab not avilable try it https://help.salesforce.com/apex/HTViewHelpDoc?id=permissions_tab_settings_ref.htm&language=en).
2. You can select folder "My Personal Folder" and click on go. you can upload files here .

3. Or if you want to create custom object ( new tab ) then let me know . I will provide you further steps

Thank You

Alex MarynchenkoAlex Marynchenko
Hi, I created documents. I guess it's enough so far. Alex
Hi alex ,

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