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saran kumar 9saran kumar 9 

Regarding Job Oppurtinities in india

My Question is

Do India Have Oppuritinities For Freshers in Salesforce ?

I am looking for a job

Head In CloudHead In Cloud
There are a lot of job opportunities in India specially in Salesforce. You can easily find vacancies from major job portal sites like naukri.com etc
saran kumar 9saran kumar 9
have been on linkedin but everywhere they are asking more than 5yrs experience ....i have to shift towards naukri then

thank you
saran kumar 9saran kumar 9
hello @headincloud

can you suggest me any fresher resume for salesforce fresher ....
Sathiya murthi SSathiya murthi S
KVP Business Solutions - one of the SFDC' Gold partner in Bangalore is recruiting the beginners. May be try to reach out KVP team. If still vacancy exist, you could be there next hire ! Good luck. 
saran kumar 9saran kumar 9
@sathiya murthi garu .... i checked with kvp business solutions but they are asking for 5yrs experience as of now ..went to their job portal and gone through their job vacancies
Misato KatsuragiMisato Katsuragi
Well, I think that people who can work in medical services are always in demand, and it's not a problem to find a job. Especially nowadays. Speaking of salary, you can just follow the link (https://uk.jooble.org/salary/nurse-for-days) and find out the pay scale information about the job you're interested in, and I think that it can answer your enquiries.