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Chris Weis 6Chris Weis 6 

Wave Analytics Column Accessibility Problem

I'm working on the Wave Analytics Trail- specifically the "Calculating with the Compare Table Module:" https://developer.salesforce.com/trailhead/wave_desktop_exploration/wave_calculating_with_the_compare_table

When creating Column C, you're supposed to click the top right of the column to add a formula.  The problem is that the forumula selection gets cut off and there's no way to scroll down.  I've tried changing the settings on my display and my extended monitor.  I've also tried clicking the box next to the X at the top right of my browser to shink the screen.  No matter what I do, when I try opening up the column, it's getting cut off after "rename this column" and obviously "edit formulas and format" is the next line, which I need to click to continue.

Is anybody else having this problem?  I'm using Chrome as my browser.

Any ideas or suggestions to remedy this embarassing problem would be appreciated.