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Brianna Schrankler 27Brianna Schrankler 27 

FaultViewer Error- what does this mean?

Hello,I am looking for some guidance on a Fault Viewer error message received by one of our developers doing integration with Salesforce and another tool. Salesforce said that this is a Visualforce error and to post in this community.

Last week one of our users ran about 80-90 messages that were queued up to SalesForce and that he received the following error.

"Exception in ProcessServiceOrdersOrchestration: InvalidFieldFault thrown by SalesforceQuery. Code: INVALID_SESSIONID Message: Invalid Session ID found in SessionHeader: Illegal Session. Session not found, missing session hash: ..."

I am wondering who can look at the SalesForce side to determine the real cause? Is it admins?

Additional info from our developer sent "If SalesForce saw a load from a particular IP and thought perhaps it was someone hacking then we need to understand whether that can be configured or if I need to throttle messages being sent."

Please let me know what this error means and what steps we can take in the future to investigate.

Thank you!
Dan CahillDan Cahill
I am also seeing this error, but only in our production environment.  Are you also seeing this during a SOAP call after login?  It does not seem that manually setting the endpoint does anything either (which is the solution to a related error that shows up frequently here).
Hi Brianna, do you know if your developer is running a long process? Other cause could be the WSDL is associated to a different server than the one you are pointing to. My final advise is to perform a complete review of the login configuration, especially the URL.