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Approving multiple records at one time

I have an app which would require a user to submit a request for a change to be made to a record.

The scenario : 

Records show salaries and benefits for employees. A manager would change the dollar amount to the Salary__c field and the number of weeks in the Vacation_Weeks__c field. This would require two different Requests to be produced and Submitted to the proper upper management. The upper management would like the ability to Approve or Reject all of those Requests with one push of a button (an Approve All or Reject All button). 

My tenative solution to this is to use Flow to automatically create a Request Package which is the master record to the individual Requests, which are essentially line items to the Request Package record. The upper management would go into the Request Package record, press the custom Approve All or Reject All button and all of the Requests are updated accordingly. 

My problem : I can properly update the Status field of those individual Requests with those buttons, but since this is not truly "Approving" or "Rejecting" the records it is not producing the Approval History data which goes along with pushing the native Salesforce "Approve/Reject" in an Approval Process.

So, what can be the solution to this ? If there was an "Approve" Static Action in Flow just as there is a "Submit for Approval" Static Action, I would be able to use that. But we don't have that.
I am not sure on implementing this with point and click. You can create a separate vf page where senior team can approve and in the background you can approve individual records with apex.
Ann McHenryAnn McHenry
I'd like to know this too.  So far the only way to 'batch' approve that I've found (without VF/Apex) is doing it from the 'Items to Approve' component on the homepage.  There you can click toggles and approve everything at once. Unfortunately that doesn't show any of the details of the records themselves, so anyone doing the approving is doing it completely blind.  
Ann - Would adding the Description field to the view of the Items To Approve component in the Home Page solve your problem ?
Ann McHenryAnn McHenry
Zoom, unfortunately the 'Items to Approve' component is not editable.  (;_;)
It would probably be hard to do since you're pulling from multiple objects and the field's you'd need to see would be different for each one. 
Jolanda VerboekendJolanda Verboekend
I did install Enhanced Approval Requests Pro - Mass submit and process approval requests for this issue. Does work well.