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Lightning component features advantages and that are not available in angular?


Can you please give me a technical difference for using Lightning over Angular. What are the pros and cons in each of the implementaion and How is lighting different from angular. 

I am not looking for general difference like lighinging is new and angular is tested etc., but more technical understanding of how lightning makes it easier compared to the same implementation done in Angular. what feature do we have in lightning componenets that are not in Angular etc., 

Any insight on this will be really helpful. Thanks!
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Mohith Kumar ShrivastavaMohith Kumar Shrivastava
Here are disadvantages of using angular over lightning 

1.Lightning natively supports handling of labels ,time zones which are not supported by angular
2.You can drag and drop lightning components in lightning app builder which makes it easier to build apps compactible for desktop and Salesforce 1
3.You can use lightning components in community builder
4.Excellent support since its supported by SFDC .

Advantages of angular
1.Access to more devs as its one of popular frameworks
2.Excellent support from google community
3.There are lot of components built already so you can use them 

Overall it will be good to learn the requirements before sort of choosing the path .If its a pure complex visualforce app ,i can go with angular else the future is lightning framework .