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Multiple Approvers in Approval Process

If one of my requests is for a threshold dollar amount it needs to be seen by an upper manager. However, the manager is not needed to "Approve" the request. The manager is only needed to "acknowledge" that he has seen it. Since the manager is not always available he does not want his interaction to be required and would like the approval process to continue without him. 

What would be the best way to handle this ? I'm thinking of different scenarios which would require different levels of approval and what not, but I think I may be overlooking an easier solution. 

Any help would be appreciated.
Michael DsozaMichael Dsoza
In Approval process, we have an option to select delegated approver.
For more information about delegated approver & its use, click below link

Hope it will help you.
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Michael - thank you for your reply, but this is not a delegated approver type of case. I am not trying to account for the manager being out of the office. I am only trying to allow it go through the process without him putting in his approval.

He doesn't truly need to "approve" it per se. He just wants to give his stamp of acknowledgment. I guess the only way I can truly accomplish it is to have two different levels of approval status. One would be "Approved" and the other would be "Approved - and Acknowledged" - or something like that. 
Michael DsozaMichael Dsoza
Zoom_V - We can have status field for isAcknowledge but at the end user must have to perform any action(approve) to set whether it is acknowledge or not.If user is ready to click a button then we can update a field using field update action to set User has acknowledge & then it will be forwarded to next level.
Hope it willl help you.


In the next step of the approval process have more than one approvers i.e

In the "Select Approver Step", select the option "Automatically assign to approver(s)."
Select the manager as one of the approver and other user(s) as remaining approver(s).

Select the option "Approver or Reject based on First Response".


Please make sure to trigger an email to the approvers when the record reaches this step, so that your manager and other approvers get the email.

Now, If your manager is available, he will see the email and if necessary, he can provide approval./You can train your manager not to approve when this notification comes up, if necessary.

One of the other approver(s) will provide approval.


If the anser is not clear, please write to my at, I will send screen shots.

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