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Can we add a Custom Button on a task Send Email page

0 down vote favoriteI have a requirement where i need to add a custom button (Say as enrolled) on a task Send Email page. Enrolled is a custom object . Once we click on the custom button List of available enrolled details is shown .Select a relevant enrolled and click OK.The content of the enrolled details and there fields get populated in the body of the mail or as an attachment to the mail. Agent adds his text. Clicks send and the mail with Environment details is sent to the client.My concern is do we have an option to create custom button on Send an email page.This send Email button is already coming from a visual force page.In the below given Screen Shot ,we are planning to have the button beside the cancel button as "Enrollement".
Custom Button on send an email page
Any suggestions very much appreciated.
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There is no standard way to do this. Below is the link to idea which is categorized as under threshold so please like it to achieve the functionality in future.


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@sampath goud :
Thanks for your response.