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Andrea SloanAndrea Sloan 

List View or Report with Target goal for non opportunity owner

I need to create a view either as a list view or as a report for a set of users who don't own accounts or oportunities. They want to see  a list of accounts that have their first opportunity created for the account but for their country of responsibility. Again, they don't own the account. I've done this same request for account owners by creating a roll up summary field on accounts, counting the number of opportunities. The field I used was "Count of Opportunities" I then created a report and list filtering all the accounts where the Count of Opportunities = 1 for Date= TODAY. And the report would show "My accounts" or "My List View"

The catch here is that these employees are responsible for oportunities that are created in their office referenced by a country name. Inside the Opportunities screen, we have a field called "A&K Reporting Company" This is a picklist field with 23 different countries. Jack wants to see a list view or report of the accounts that created their first opportunity so long as the opportunity was created in his office, France (one of the A&K Reporting company field picklist options). In the meantime, the account per se may already have hundreds of opportunities elsewhere. So the count of opportunities has to be filtered where A&K Reporting company = France. That could be included in the roll up summary field in accounts. The problem  is that the reps from the other 23 offices want the same thing and I can't be creating 23 roll up summary fields of filtered opportuinities for each to equal to 1 opportunity within their picklist option. Most of the sales reps own one country/office with two or three exceptions who may own two or three but they would still want to know the first opportunity made to each separate office established by the field's picklist value. I'm picking my head not knowing how to do this in a clean way.
As an FYI- not sure if this helps in any way, I already have a multipicklist field under the user object where I've selected for each user the countries that each user is responsbile for. Would anyone know of a clean way of doing this? I'm not a developer so any development suggestions if not declarative, I would require some hints with the coding towards it or a screenshot.