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Sarah Him&LuiSarah Him&Lui 

Set up SSL certificate on a site.com website

Hi guys,

We had recently setup a SSL certificate on our hosting provider and domain managment 1&1.  That certificat put our website down.

However We had a call with 1&1 who is our hosting and domain management copany, and they have explained that our website: www.himandlui.com is hosted on salesforce server as it's a site.com https://himandlui.secure.force.com/ 
we need to request a SSL certificate on salesforce side to be added on our domain: himandlui.com

We will deactivate the SSL certificate on the 1&1 side and we need to activate it Salesforce side. How can we manage to have a SSL certificate when user access to himandlui.com (hosting in salesforce and domain from 1&1)

1&1 have suggested to use a RapidSSL have you heard of it? Should we use it? What is your suggestion?
Also please give me a call: at 1pm Wednesday the 9th of march at 1pm on the +33 783153744
I will need help to fix this ASAP.

Storage and Salesforce community:
I seriously need you to start being more reactive.
I’m still waiting to get those pricing. Community with 2000 users
And the upper level of storage.

I’m waiting for your feedback.
Speak soon