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code or without code for getting popup alert reminder

There is custom object called 'work' where we need an alert if its not assigned 2 weeks prior to assign date on the object, alert will be daily till its not assigned.
Can this be done via workflow or anyways without code (trigger)  or only code can accomplish this?
Also this won't be an email alert but popup kind of reminder is needed when manager logs in to salesforce.

Any idea or suggestions please.

Thank you.
Richard Jimenez 9Richard Jimenez 9
Hi sieb4me,

You could use workflow with a time-based action, to trigger 14 days before the assign date, to create a Task with the due date set to the Assign date on the work object.

Hope that helps,
Instead of a popup, I would suggest that you have a report with this information and put it in a dashboard on your managers' homepage.