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Contact and User

what is the exact difference between contact and user?
Suppose we have banking company they are using the salesforce platform.If I have an account with that company then what values will be stored in the standard objects of Accounts and Contacts?

Michael Adrian AlcazarMichael Adrian Alcazar
Contacts are like your customers, on your Salesforce instace.
Users are the people working on your company who logs in to you Salesforce instance

Also, for the accounts and contacts. 
Accounts are more like the Company and Contacts are the employees of the Company. 

Hi there,

contacts are the employees of the customer (eg : if you are working for Google where google is customer for Salesforce. then you will be the contact to Salesforce from its customer (google))

User is one who is logging into salesforce instance and using the Salesforce CRM (eg : as you are working on salesforce with some valid license you will be the user. basically user is a license 

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Contacts - People in your client's company (Account) . Example : they can be CFO, CEO or Billing Department head of client
User - Employees of your company (who manage your contacts and accounts) Ex : Sales Team member, Sales Manager and COO of your company
If you use communitites those contacts can be users as well. You are providing access to salesforce for your client personal to create cases etc.