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Abhijit ShrikhandeAbhijit Shrikhande 

Data Import Error in Trailhead

I am trying to complete the challenge in my developer org. I am getting the following error.

The import file I downloaded does not have any account name in it. I have noticed these colums in the csv file.

This challenge is located at


Error in challenge

Mahesh DMahesh D

Hi Abhijit

Option 1:
In the Import Wizard

Match Account By -- None

Option 2:
if you have Lookup filters on Contact's Account field , please remove them.

Abhijit ShrikhandeAbhijit Shrikhande
That is throwing an error - "You need to map required field: Contact Account".
Mahesh DMahesh D
Hi Abhijit,

Please check if there are any validation rule or any other triggers exists.

Also try to do it in other org and see the results.