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Suresh Kumar 34Suresh Kumar 34 

Sql integaration with salesforce

Hi guys,

I want to integrate the sql database to salesforce application,as i am new to salesforce i am not aware of this please suggest me how to achieve this requirement.

There are many third party products available to make the job simple and practical. The implementation purely depends on your requirement and budget.
Before you look for solution, my suggestion would be to review why you want to do this integration. Salesforce has cloud db within itself, and as you might be aware, is not designed to work as a front end of a bigger local DB.
Integration of Salesforce with other applications can depend on what kind of data you want to push to cloud and how frequently you would like to do it. At a high level, volumetric automated sync might not be a good idea as the cloud has higher restriction than local db, and there are lot of chances where we might invoke the governor. 

Also, please have a quick look at the following threads for some pointers,
Rajiv Penagonda 12Rajiv Penagonda 12
Try External Objects which facilitates querying your SQL tables from within APEX! More details below.