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Dianna Raquel Perez GüerequeDianna Raquel Perez Güereque 


I'm working on my sandbox and I have some debugs on my code, but when i reload the visualforce to see those debugs, the log comes empty.
I'm sure my debugs are running because i have 1 of those debugs on my "initialize" method and the visualforce is working fine, almost as i defined in my controller (where the debugs are), but still came empty when i click on the "debugs only" mark in my log. 

If i run another visualforce and write a debug on its controller, i get that debug as usual..... 

I just can't see the debugs in this VisualForce_Extension 
Hi there, 

As you are able to see debugs for other pages, it may not be the issue with the debug console. I suspect your code is not getting call. Can you paste your code so it gives more idea

let me know, if it helps you or need any help :)
Dianna Raquel Perez GüerequeDianna Raquel Perez Güereque

I have my code running, i know this because i have the "main" method where i call all the other methods to give values to my VF. 
My method "initialize" is this:
public void inicializar()
        this.totalUSD = 0;
        this.totalMXN = 0;
        this.totalCotizacion = 0;
        this.sistemaParametro = System.currentPageReference().getParameters().get('sistema');
		this.DesglosarSistemas = this.getSistemas();
        this.listadoProductos = this.getListadoProductos(); 
        this.sistemas = new List<ClasificacionxSistemaWrapper>();
        this.nivelesw = new List<ClasificacionxNivelWrapper>();        
        this.tiposProducto = new List<ClasificacionxProductoWrapper>();
        system.debug('hola inicializar');

my Visualforce is full of information and almost working perfect.
I have a debug on every method (this.obtener_Sistemas and this.getSistemasyTipos) but can't see any (even those on my main method).
Dianna Raquel Perez GüerequeDianna Raquel Perez Güereque
In addition to that, of course i have my method. 
public ExplosionDeInsumos_Extension(ApexPages.StandardController controller)
        this.cotizacion = (Solicitud_de_Cotizacion_2__c)controller.getRecord();
        this.cotizacion = [SELECT Desglosar_por_Sistema__c FROM Solicitud_de_Cotizacion_2__c WHERE Id =: this.cotizacion.Id limit 1];
        system.debug('before initialize');
        system.debug('after initialize');

i get this 2 new debugs "before initialize" and "after initialize" but not the debugs on that method neither the others... 
Lokeswara ReddyLokeswara Reddy
Salesforce truncates the debug logs if the size of the log exceeds limit, you can set the debug log level to "DEBUG" , then execute your code and check the logs again.

For more info on debug log levels, plz refer the link