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Garrett CarraraGarrett Carrara 

Developer Needed - Simple API Connector - Fields Only

We are looking for a SalesForce Developer able to create an API between SalesForce and a custom built PHP platform using SQL databases. The desired solution will simply push data fields between the 2 applications as they are updated, and allow for pre-population of forms with the external database. We have already built the PHP platform, and can handle our side of the programming, we just need a SalesForce developer to handle the API. Feel free to email me at gwcarrara@cognizion.com 
Marat KalibekovMarat Kalibekov
Hello, I have experience with Salesforce API. depends on structure I can do it for you quickly.
Mr ReddyMr Reddy
Hi Garrett,
    I did exactly similar to what you are talking about using RESTFUL services in sf, let me know when is the good time to talk about this. email me at crmguy0004@gmail.com