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how to track user activities in Report

Hi All,

I would like to track all the user activities by using salesforce report.
as simple as i would like to track the  user daily activities including with Login time and logout time date.

Ex: whenever user is loging into the salesforce, and what are the activities is performed in salesforce, it may be cration or delete, edit, 

your answer is highly appreciated.


Head In CloudHead In Cloud
Hi RSatis
Go to Setup->Administrative Setup->Security controls->View Setup Audit trail.
 There you can see all the user activities.

Actually just to clarify you cannot see "All" a users activity. Here is a list of the "Settings" changes that a user can be tracked by in the Setup Audit Trail.


Hope this helps you!

Sorry to trouble you!

I would like to see all the user activities for all the objects, suppose 1 user has logged and created a case, updated, deleted and modified, similarly is the user opend another object 2 Account than i need to track both the activities.

JyothsnaJyothsna (Salesforce Developers) 
Hi ,

You can do that by creating an Activity summary report grouped by either CreatedBy or Assigned To.  That will include all activities logged in SFDC by all of your users.  

Please check the below link for  more details(detail steps ).


Hope this helps you!
Best Regards,
Hi Jyothsna,

This report doesnt meet my requirement, my report need to track object by object, suppose let us assume that, you have created one case, and your colleague has created one opportunity and your PM has updated Invoice amount,

Now i want to see the above all the 3 users what they performed and on which object and when, User Login, User Logout, Created Date, Action type and list of the object.