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chaitanya salesforcecrmchaitanya salesforcecrm 

Kindly let me know how to correct my code.

I have written a Controller for searching data on visualforce page. below is the controller.
public with sharing class Condosearchcontroller { 
   public Condosearchcontroller() {


    public list <Condo__c> Cond {get;set;}  
    public string beds {get;set;} 
    public string baths {get;set;}
    public string squarefootage {get;set;} 
    public Condosearchcontroller(ApexPages.StandardController controller) {  
   public void search(){
   if (squarefootage == null){
    string searchquery='select name,Beds__c,Baths__c,Square_Footage__c from Condo__c where Beds__c = '+beds+' and Baths__c = '+baths+''; 
        Cond = Database.query(searchquery);
      else { 
      string searchquery1='select name,Beds__c,Baths__c,Square_Footage__c from Condo__c where Beds__c = '+beds+' and Baths__c = '+baths+'and Square_Footage__c = '+squarefootage+'';
      Cond = Database.query(searchquery1);

when i enter data in all the 3 fields beds,baths,square footage. i am getting results.
but when i enter only beds,baths in visual force page.then i am getting error.
Best Answer chosen by chaitanya salesforcecrm
You can do something like this. when you are building your query.
1) you can check for each field value and then append.
if(bes__c != null){
searchquery = ' basic query ending with where' + ' beds__c ='+beds ;
similarly check for all. 
2) You can use OR so that you will get results taht matches with atleast one.