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Jagadeesh KalleJagadeesh Kalle 

SSO - Service provider configuration

Hi all,

Here is my requirement : Setup federation between My company and salesforce(Externally hosted) using SAML 2.0
What i did so far :
(1) I used login.salesforce.com and created my own salesforce instance(30 day trial version)
(2) Logged in and Enabled SAML 2.0 in My domain
(3) Went to "Setup"( located at the top of salesforce page)
(4) Under Administer ->  " Security Controls" -> Single Sign on Settings - I can only see few fields. But it doesn't show anything for ACS url, Name ID format etc., So was wondering did i miss anything here?

Please let me know

The service provider functionality has been moved to Connected Apps. Under Create -> Apps at the bottom create a new connected app, and select "Enable SAML". That will connect the app to the Single Sign On record you created under Security Controls, and provide you with an entry for ACS url, etc.