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Summary report on two fields using visualforce


I want implement Summary report on two fields using visualforce. For example Account having rating and Status fields, needs to display like below, every thing should be apex and visualforce only.

User-added image
Hi Venkat,

It's not possible for me to explain the complete logic to achieve this functionality. Let me share you required data structure(wrapper class), you can fill the list of, and bind it with the page.

public class AccountWrapper
      public String type{get;set;}
      public List<RatingWrapper> lstRW {get;set;}

public class RatingWrapper
     public String rating{get;set;}
     public List<Account> lstAccount{get;set;}
Hi Pankaj,

Thank You! for your reply. It will really helpful if you send me the more code detials on this. 
Can you please try to share on this.