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Does Community template Napili support Reports and Dashboards ?

Hi there,

Does Community template Napili support Reports and Dashboards ?

Thanks !
James LoghryJames Loghry
I tried to open my community builder on my dev org, but the Lightning components section just spins.  This is likely where you would find any reports or dashboards components if they exist, at least from a native perspective.  However, I haven't seen anything that indicates that they do exist.  Another option is to look for any lightning components on the app exchange that you can utilize.

Here's one I found, but I don't think it implements the community builder interface unfortunately: https://appexchange.salesforce.com/listingDetail?listingId=a0N30000000qEVjEAM

In short, report back here if you find how to display reports and dashboards in the napili template!
barry glasco 4barry glasco 4
I have been trying to find this all morning. How to add reports and dashboards to a Naplli community. Cannot find anything out other than writting it myself with the api. 
Eric GrammerEric Grammer
I too have been looking for this as well. Please if anyone else finds a way to do this, post back here. I am currently using communities vs communities plus licenses so I know I need plus to enable reports and dashboards to my community users but before I spend the money upgrading I want to confirm I can access them in napili. vs buidling Visualforce pages or accessing via api, etc.. You would think that this should be native in all tempates. 
Andrea ClarkeAndrea Clarke
Same here.  I've been asking about this since the Napili template was introduced.  According to Salesforce's support team, the Napili template does not support reports or dashboards.  If anyone finds a way to do this, please let us know.
khushboo jainkhushboo jain
Kindly confirm if after Spring 16 realese,we can add Reports & dashboard tab in Napili Template?
Richard Clarke (Artisan)Richard Clarke (Artisan)
Winter 17 does but it is not obvious how to do it.  Firstly create a report with a report chart (must have the chart).  Save the report in a report folder which is shared to community users/roles.  Then in the community create a community page with a name matching the report.  Drag the report component into the content area.  Select the report you want (you will only see those which have charts!).  Put the new page into the navigation somewhere.  Publish.  You can then get to the chart and if you click on it you can view the underlying report (with chart at the top).  I can't find a way to access a report which does have a chart via the navigation but you can cheat but referencing the URL used in the community to display the report.  Hope that helps!  Richard
Hi Richard, 

I have a question. I have enabled Community with the Napili template and I have Community Plus license. I have added navigation item as Report and Dashboard. I have created a Report folder for Community User. As community user  ,I can see the report on Community, But when i click it I see this message 'You don’t have sufficient privileges to perform this operation.' And also I cant create report from the community itself.  
Any Insight. Thanks in advance.
adilraza shaikh 2adilraza shaikh 2

@here Please cross check the follwing items in order to show report and dashboard on community

1. You should have Report and Dashborad Tab enabled on profile.
2. You should have "Create and Customize Reports" report permission on profile.
3. Profile should be added as Memeber for community.
4. Community user should have Plus license.
5. In Navigation menu setup like this
User-added image