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Total LaiTotal Lai 

How could salesforce work with Oracle.

Currently we have an application with much data in the oracle database, and we are going to migrate our applicatoin to salesforce, e.g. with lightning app, lightning component, but we can't import our data into salesforce due to our company policy, so I would like to ask, could we just make a jdbc connection to our oracle database from salesforce lightning compoent?
Deepak Kumar ShyoranDeepak Kumar Shyoran
You can integrate your oracle database with salesforce using salesforce APIs and can use your oracle data within salesforce without actully having it in salesforce.

Hope this will help you.
Total LaiTotal Lai
Hi Deepak,
Many thanks for your reply.
Would you please give me a sample or a document link for my reference? Thanks
Hi Total Lai,

you can refer this below link and find more about it

please let me know if it helps you.

Total LaiTotal Lai
Hi Debasis,
Thanks for your reply.It does help.
By using the adapter or Oracle EBS, we can integrate our oracle database with salesforce.
However, maybe what we are looking for is not actually the 'integration', is there any way to use our oracle data within salesforce without actually having it in salesforce? Deepak mentioned that using salesforce APIs can archieve this, could I have any examples or documents so that I can learn more details about this?
Boris FrankBoris Frank
Take a look at Skyvia. They have two products for integrating Salesforce and Oracle database. You can use Data Integration (https://skyvia.com/data-integration/integrate-salesforce-oracle) product to physically load data from Oracle to Salesforce with no code, or you can use Skyvia Connect (https://skyvia.com/connect/) to create Odata endpoint to Oracle and display data in Salesforce external objects using Salesforce Connect.