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Kishan  JKishan J 

V F Login page

hi this is my requirement , can you give me idea how to do this . 

i need  to create a login page or information page  ; in page 1 : i need to enter details like first name , last name and gender , in 2 nd page i need to enter hobies  , birthday and a submit button which should navigate to 3rd page and show me the entered details of first page and second page . 

Ravi Dutt SharmaRavi Dutt Sharma
You can create a single VF page with 3 page block sections. Show and hide the pageblock sections based on the action buttons present on your page.
Kishan  JKishan J
hi can you please give me the sample code which will be a great help to me 

you can achieve this by using the vf page wizard.