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Frederick H LaneFrederick H Lane 

Creating custom objects and custom fields

I've completed the challenge at the end of this section where we are asked to create and object; 'Trail' with corresponding feilds; Last Inspected Date, Distance, Description  and the 'challenge check' advises it can't see any fields relating to this object? Can anyone advise?
JyothsnaJyothsna (Salesforce Developers) 

Let me know if there is any error message while doing this challenge.If yes , then please share the screenshot of the exact error that appears.

JyothsnaJyothsna (Salesforce Developers) 

Please follow the exact naming conventions they have asked for, as they check for those exact field names while assessing the assignment challenge.

Hope this helps you!
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Sachin Chaudhary 15Sachin Chaudhary 15
Hi Frederick H Lane,

Go to field level security and make "Last Inspected Date, Distance, Description" fields visible.