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John Shaffer 3John Shaffer 3 

Simple VF page help

Hello...Im new to VF pages so am struggling to create one.  I have a custom object called Client Preferences which is related to Cases.  What I need to do is capture that the user opened/viewed the related client prefernce record.  I have a field on Client Preferences  called Contact "CP viewed by".  This field is not visible to users.  What I want to do is create a VF page that sits on the Case page.  It adds the name of user who viewed the Client Prefernce record into the Contact CP viewed by field. I can add the VF page to the case, but cant get the VF page to capture what I need.   It seems easy enough but I cant get it to work.  
Luke SimpsonLuke Simpson
John, based on your description you would need a custom method that creates a New Client Preferences object each time the Case custom VF page is loaded.  Is that what you are doing?