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Sindhu Nagabhushan 6Sindhu Nagabhushan 6 

Email Attachments

I have the below requirement from my support team, Please let me know if this is possible through apex coding. Thanks in Advance.

When a user select 'Send An Email' from case, Attachments in all the existing emails related to this case should get attached to the email being sent.
Sindhu Nagabhushan 6Sindhu Nagabhushan 6
If the above is not possible, Please let me if i can  perform one of the options below - 

1. Can i attach attachemnts from 'Attachment' related list on Case in my email. I know we can write a trigger to copy attachments recieved via email to Attachments related list on Case record.

2. Can i save attachments recieved in Email to Docuemnts. Salesforce Allows us to select attachments from documents tab when sending an email. So if i can save the attachments to Documents tab and perform a batch job to delete all the records from documents folder to free memory?
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If you have a problem with the email attachments,then please check this native salesforce application MassMailer DOCS.
MassMailer DOCS let’s you easily mass email attachments to your leads or contacts while securely storing your files with Rackspace Cloud Files.

You can try this app by installing from appexchange  -Massmailer Docs

You can learn more details about the product on this website - docs.massmailer.io