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Hi All, I am struck with a stange issue. I dont know if this is how Napili templates work with lightning components. 

Requirement - 
Website using Napili and lightning components. My understanding was that I will create 1 Napili page for every tab from my website (hence one for Home, one for profile, etc). I have created lightning components for the different functionalities. Now when I try to drag / drop lightning components to one Napili page, I notice that my other custom pages are automatically getting updated with the lightning component. Hence at the end of the day, all Napili pages are looking the same since they have the same set of components.

My Question - 
In Napili, will every page of the website be 1 separate Napili page OR will we have 1 big Napili page for the entire website which have display the components dynamically. 

Hello !

I have tested with Napili and every page if the website is 1 separate Napili which displays the components different for Home and Profile as per the given requirement if I have to answer your question for the community builder ! But its just that the configuration matters in every page and its a major issue if its effective to all the pages. As I am a QA I can't suggest you with code aspect but yes to check the code where the configurations to the pages are setup correctly.