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Ravi NarayananRavi Narayanan 

SIRI for Salesforce[Machine learning]

Hi Guys,

I am developing a Custom Hybrid Mobile Application like SIRI/GOOGLE NOW  for Salesforce. 

Users can open the Application. Ask questions like "what are the leads created today?/ Can you please show me the leads created today? etc etc etc ".

System can understand the question and it can respond with Salesforce leads created today.

Do you guys think this app will be useful for customers? based on the feedback , i am planning to complete this app and submit on appexchange.

Before i proceed with bigger implementation,Just want to check if any such app exist / will it be really useful?
Ravi Narayanan
sjef van santvoort 4sjef van santvoort 4
Hi Ravi

I do like that!

Sjef van Santvoort
Ravi NarayananRavi Narayanan

Thanks for your reply @Sjef Van. 

I am looking out for a better use case to build this app and would like to make it more dynamic. 

If you have any business needs/requirements like this, please do let me know.


Ravi Narayanan

Siri for third-party application integration is releasing in iOS10. Beta is already out.