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Apex - Extra character in string variable problem


I have recently stumbled upon a rather interesting problem on my end. I have set up an integration with external system, and it responds me with a Base64 encoded Hex code of a PDF document whenever I make a call with a single input string. I'm supposed to obtain the Hex code after Base64 decoding, then cast the hex code into a blob & save it as an attachment body.

The problem here is: The Hex code itself and its length does not match when I debug. The string is one character less from the size, and the conversion from hex to blob fails because of odd numbered size of input string - it turns out that the size is correct here.

Below is the code:
//Proforma response = Base64 encoded hex string
Blob afterblob = EncodingUtil.base64Decode(proformaResponse);

string HexCode = afterblob.toString();

Debug.Proforma2__c = HexCode;

Debug.Debug1__c = string.valueOf(Hexcode.length());

update Debug;

Note that I use a custom debug object because of sandbox environment's incapability on debugging webservice calls...

When I make the call, HexCode string length is 52312, and Debug1 field value is 52313. Later I submit the HexCode to the EncodingUtil class' ConvertFromHex function, but it fails while saying "input string char count is an odd number"... When I discarded the endmost string of HexCode, it worked, but that's not an approach I want to adopt.

I appreciate any clarification on this issue.
Hi Tolga,

In order to convert blob to Hex, please use convertToHex method of Encoding Util Class.

Please refer the below link


Tolga SunarTolga Sunar
I'm using that, I just didn't display that line in my post. I am getting odd character count error when I give HexCode variable as input to ConvertToHex, but when I debug HexCode, I clearly see that there is an even number of characters (one less than the length).