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Automatically Change Field After a Certain Time


The way my organization is setup, accounts need to transfer from one sales rep to another after 60 days of existence. Is there a way to automatically change the "sales rep" field we have on the the account after 60 days, or do we have to do that manually every time?

Thanks in advance!
Prem Anandh 1Prem Anandh 1
Hi Ti, 

You can use Time Dependent Workflow for update the fields. Set Time as 60 days from Created Date and Update the field through update action.

Prem Anandh
Ti Saunders 8Ti Saunders 8
Thanks, Prem.

A lot of these accounts are being converted from leads, so will this methos still work? Is there a way to have it automatically change 60 days from when the conversion from lead to account took place?
You can able to automate the process using Lighting process builder. You can able to set the entry criteria for the record and then you can able to set the time-based action to update the field of the record [ Sales rep]. Check this trailhead module for more details about process builder
Prem Anandh 1Prem Anandh 1
Do you want to check from converted date to 60 days? Correct?

If yes, You can go ahead with this approach. 
Prem Anandh 1Prem Anandh 1
Hi Karan, 
Still users are facing some issues on Process Builder. Also, compartively workflow, process builder is bit heavy for processing the records.