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santhosh konathala 8santhosh konathala 8 

How to display minimum age records in a list if we do not know the age value?plz send me the code?

It sounds like you're looking for someone to write the code for this project. These forums are not meant for that; you'll want to post over on the AppExchange site[1] where you can match up with a developer looking to work on your project.  If you have something that you have tried and are having problems with, please feel free to include that here and we can help you.  This site is not meant to be a place to get free code done for you, but as a place to help you with specific problems you are having.

NOTE: When including code please use the "Add a code sample" button (icon <>) to increase readability and make referencing code easier.

[1] https://appexchange.salesforce.com/developers