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Raisa GuillemetteRaisa Guillemette 

Use Lightning Connect to link an External Object with Salesforce Users

I keep getting this error for the below challenge:

Error: Challenge Not yet complete... here's what's wrong: 
The 'Phone__x' external object is not correctly setup with an indirect relationship to the User standard object.

The mobile phones being tracked by an external application are used by specific users in your Salesforce instance. Create an indirect lookup relationship between the 'Phone' External Object and the 'User' standard object.
  • Create an OData 2.0 external data source with 'Mobile Devices' as the label, 'Mobile_Devices' as the name, and this URL: https://phone-odata-demo.herokuapp.com/devices.svc/. Note: If you have completed the previous challenge in this module ('Setting up Lightning Connect'), the External Data Source should already exist in your Developer Edition.
  • Add a new 'Phone UUID' custom field on the User standard object with the resulting API name of 'Phone_UUID__c'. The field should be of type 'Text' and marked as 'Unique' and 'External ID'.
  • Change the 'UUID' field on the 'Phone__x' external object to be an indirect lookup relationship to the 'User' standard object. Use the 'Phone_UUID__c' field as the matching key for this indirect lookup relationship.
  • Update any existing User record in your Developer Edition instance to have a value of '0000123442' for the 'Phone_UUID__c' field.
This is a screenshot of the custom user field:

User-added image

Here is the UUID field:
User-added image

What am I doing wrong?
Raisa GuillemetteRaisa Guillemette
Still not able to pass this challenge. Is anyone else running into issues? What am I doing wrong?

Thank you,
Raisa Guillemette
Angel Luis Sanz AceitunoAngel Luis Sanz Aceituno

Hi Ralsa,

Did you find your issue?
I've just done the Challenge. If you need help do not hesitate to answer.

Kind regards,

Raisa GuillemetteRaisa Guillemette
Nope I am still stuck :( having the same issue. Can you tell from my screenshots above what I am doing wrong?

Angel Luis Sanz AceitunoAngel Luis Sanz Aceituno
Try to create a new user and fill the field "Phone UUID" (In additional Information) with the number "0000123442".

It's because you have added the 0000123442 value to the default information of the field and that is wrong, you have to add it to an user field (you, or any other user in your organization, that's why I told you to create a new one) not directly to the field.

Try it and tell me if works.

Good luck!
Raisa GuillemetteRaisa Guillemette
That worked! Thank you so much!
Angel Luis Sanz AceitunoAngel Luis Sanz Aceituno
You are welcome!
Hi Luis, Need help.. I am not able to see Unique and External ID fields....Hen ce I am not getting optioin of User... Pls help...User-added image
Angel Luis Sanz AceitunoAngel Luis Sanz Aceituno

Dear Zameer,

What kind of field did you created?
Phone or text?

Because you need to create a TEXT FIELD to be able to select that options (they will appear in the first screen after you select the text field option).

Tell me if this was the problem.

Kind regards,


Paul Barr 7Paul Barr 7
Thank you, Angel.
William Sanders 7William Sanders 7
When I try to set up the indirect relationship it says none. Has anyone ran in to this? 

User-added image
Michael MongeauMichael Mongeau

I just ran into this while trying to complete the challenge.  When creating the Phone_UUID__c field on the User object select "Do not allow duplicate values" and "External ID" and give it a length of 128 (matching the length of the Phone UUID text field).

User-added image

Back on the User custom fields it should look like this:

User-added image

That allowed the User object to appear on the Related Object menu when changing the field type of the external object UUID field.

User-added image

lakshmi prasanna 84lakshmi prasanna 84
super ..Michael Mongeau , It worked fine , i think no necessary to make 'Donot allow duplicates values' to be checked for that, The dropdown will search for the Length of the field which matches with the length of the External Object field length, if any of the standard or custom object field matches the length , it will be populated