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Megan KennedyMegan Kennedy 

Default Custom Links Button MIssing in Dev Edition

'm working through the Admin Beginner Trailhead. In the Customizing Navigation, Buttons, and Links section, I'm working through the activities that have me add new custom buttons. One of the activities requires me to click on "Default Custom Links," but that option is not available in my dev edition. The only buttons I see under Buttons, links, and Actions are "New Action" or "New Buttons or Links." Is there a setting I need to fix to add the "Default Custom Links" button?
Rita LeverettRita Leverett
Hi Megan,

Not sure why this button would be missing. Is this a new Dev Org? Are you set up as System Administrator? That's the default when you get a new Dev Org. Make sure the "Customize Application" permission is checked on your profile.

If all that is already set, you should still be able to do what you need to do using the "New Buttons or Links" button.