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How to use one community as the Identity Provider of another community?

We have two inter-related communities, each with their own custom subdomain (community1.mycompany.com, and community2.mycompany.com). Because we are using custom domains, users are being prompted to login again when visiting the other community. After a month of back and forth with Premier Support they said that it was working as designed (the session cookie is tied to the specific subdomain and is not a domain wide cookie).

My next thought is to use Single Sign On to make one community the identity provider for the other, so that the prompt to login would be forwarded to the "primary" community, and the secondary community would become the service provider. Under Security Controls -> Single Sign On, I created a new entry by taking the Metadata file from Security Controls -> Identity Provider, but I cannot figure out how to configure the second community to specify it to use the Single Sign On entry.