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Prasad TangilaPrasad Tangila 

select isnull(field,0) from table in salesforce

I want to check the case if some fields have blank or null values, if either of null or blank values then I want to make value as 0 , the sql server query is like this :-  select isnull(field,0) from table ,
can anyone give me soql to the above?..
Thanks in advance
Atul GuptaAtul Gupta
// here i'm taking example of Account and its fields
for(Account acc : [select Name, CreatedDate from Account]){
    //for text/text area/long text area fiels,
    if(acc.Name == null || acc.Name == ''){
        //do something
    //for other fields, you can just check for null
    if(acc.CreatedDate == null){
        //do something


Hi Prasad,
You can  do like belwo so that you wil get only the field null or null value .Here you can check by particular field
List<Account> acclIst=[SELECT Field__c FROM Account WHERE Field__c = null OR Field__c = ''];
for(Account ac : accList){
  ac. Field__c=0;
  update acclIst;
}catch(DmlException de ){
Let me know if it helps !!