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Bill Doherty 2Bill Doherty 2 

Validation Rule not working for a rich text field

I have created a validation rule with 4 conditions:  If the lead status reaches stage 5 SQL, then I want to make sure the picklist fields Platform Type (Platform_Type__c) and Platform Sub-type ( Platform_Sub_Type__c) have picklist selections, as well as the rich text field Company Description ( Organization__c) has company information in the field.   I wrote this data validation rule:

And(ISPICKVAL( Status ,"5-SQL"), 
ISBLANK(Organization__c),ISPICKVAL( Platform_Type__c,""), ISPICKVAL( Platform_Sub_Type__c,"") 

I have tested the rule on the picklist values and it is working correctly.   However, on the rich text field, the rule is being skipped and not working so I can save the lead as a Lead Status "5-SQL" with the company description having no data in the field.  Can anyone explain why this validation rule is skipping the ISBLANK logic?

Thank you in advance for your help.   I very much appreciate your advice.
Thank you!!!
Instead of checking if the richtext is blank, try getting the length of your rich text area field and check if LEN is Zero then the validation rule will fire. Try this:
AND(ISPICKVAL( Status ,"5-SQL"), 
LEN(Organization__c) = 0,
ISPICKVAL( Platform_Type__c,""), 
ISPICKVAL( Platform_Sub_Type__c,"") 

Gyanender SinghGyanender Singh
Hi Bill,

Validation rule provide by kryz is right you can use this rule and by this you can solve your problem, i try this rule in my org also.

Bill Doherty 2Bill Doherty 2
Hello Gyanender,
Thank you for your feedback.   I appreciate your experience.
I tried kryz's solution.   Unfortunately, it is still skipping the validation on the rich text field in my SFDC instance.  I am exploring if there is something else contributing to the validation rule not working.
Thank you again for your feedback and validation of kryz's solution.   It is helpful.
The problem is with your OR condition in the picklist fields not in the rich text area. try this formula and let me know if it works
ISPICKVAL( Status ,"5-SQL"), 
LEN(Organization__c) = 0,

Stephen MaderStephen Mader
Thank you Bill for asking this question and thank you kryz for answering it! You solved an almost similar problem that I was having. 
Rachel UtzRachel Utz

Thanks @kryz! Perfect quick solution.