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Dynamically Adding attachment in email template from object

Hi All,

I am creating a case in case object when record is created i will get mail.
1) In the case object i had attachment
2) what ever mail i am geeting. i need to attach the attachment which is in case record.
3) i am using email template in sfdc (adminstrator > communication template > email template)

please help me in doing that.

Thanks in Advance.

You can create a workflow on case and select a send an email task.

Then use Visual force type email template and follow the below link.


Ashlekh Gera
karthikeya 2karthikeya 2
I Need in standard functionality not using vfpages.
Natasha LeggNatasha Legg
Did you ever find a soultion to this? If so, can you please share