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Lightning Component app throwing Internal Server Error

I've a Lightning Component that works fine in dev org but deployed in a managed package it throws Internal Server Error. I found another developer thread that has expereinced same kind of error with Lightning Component -

I'm looking to find out if my issue is due to same and I've no idea what this Error ID means, no more details are shown.

My error details are:
An internal server error has occurred Error ID: 1288557852-29109 (-898570520)

Anytime you get an Internal Server Error (ISE) the only real way to decifier what the error means is to contact Salesforce support and provide what you were doing as well as the Error Id.
I always do but my case always gets closed citing they dont provide Developer Support in basic support and we need premier support even to find out what the Internal Server Error is about. :-(
You can always use a binary search and comment out your code until you figure out what line is causing your ISE.
That is what I've been doing. The component has Apex class connection, js controller, helper js and component markup and so many lines of code. Moreover the issue is not happening in dev org, its when I package the component and install in another org for testing, that's where the Internal Server Error occurs. In dev org the component is working perfectly fine. And thus its become completely unrealistic to make line by line addition or removal and upload and then install in another org to test.
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I'm having this issue two years later!  Were you able to work around this?  If so, what did you do?
For me, it was date entry field I was populating on load. I was missing setting up a padded month/date value so I was required to fill both day and month value with 2 digit format, and that fixed it for me. But yes, you should approach SFDC support with Error ID, that is the best way, otherwise, it is just needle in the haystack, and you got to debug everything line by line yourself and pinpoint faulty code. *- Varun*