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Pankaj GangpariaPankaj Gangparia 

Salesforce Developer(3 years) ready to join immediately

Looking for Salesforce Job having 3 years of experience in salesforce  with certifications (Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I,Salesforce Certified Platform Developer II(first Level),Salesforce Certified Administrator,Salesforce Certified Service Cloud Consultant,Salesforce Certified Force.com Developer)(Immediately Available). 

Thanks & Regard,

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James LoghryJames Loghry
Pankaj, first off I hope you find a job.  That being said, please dont list a certification in resumes or queries for jobs if you haven't completed it.  Even if you've partially completed the programmer dev 2 cert, the hardest part is programming assignment.  Listing "I have the first level of the Programmer II" cert can be very misleading.  I encourage you to complete the certification, but please dont use it in your job search until then.