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Anoop JohnyAnoop Johny 

Process Builder process not working

I have a process defined in the Process Builder with 3 conditions on a custom Object.

Condition1: If the Status is 'AUTO_APPROVED', 
                    Action1: call a APEX program.
Condition2: If the Status is 'SUBMITTED', 
                    Action1: call the APEX program
                    Action2: Submit an Approval process. [Once approved the Status will get updated to 'APPROVED']
Condition3: If the Status is 'APPROVED',
                    Action1: call another APEX program.

I have selected the below option in process builder:
Recursion - Allow process to evaluate a record multiple times in a single transaction?  --> This is set to 'Yes'

1. User sets the Status to 'SUBMITTED'. It triggers the Condition2 and Approval process is submitted.
2. Once Approved, the status is changed to 'APPROVED'.

I am expecting another process to trigger and the evaluate Condition3 to be true and another APEX program gets called.
But this is not happening. Is it an expected behaviour ? 

If Yes, what is the other alternative ?
If so, then what is the use of the check box 'Recursion - Allow process to evaluate a record multiple times in a single transaction?'

IF No, what am I missing ?


Try changing the criteria Number 3 to the following:

1. Criteria for Executing Actions: Formula evaluates to true

2. Formula: (just replace it with the valid tokens. Make sure to use the tokens in the PB,else it won't work)
ISPICKVAL(Status, "Approved")

3. Under the formula box click on the arrow and check the checbox YES for the Do you want to execute the actions only when specified changes are made to the record? question

4. Optional: try unchecking the evaulate a record. 
Donna Lutchman 6Donna Lutchman 6
From all the research I've been doing, Workflow/process builder field updates that run based on an approval process don't trigger any rules. It's absolutely insane.