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Error: Cannot modify a collection while it is being iterated.

Objective:  The objective of my batch code is to iterate through a list users and their events.  I want iterate through this list of events (which originates from a query which orders the events by time) and, as we iterate through the list, if the event.IsAllDayEvent checkbox is checked/true, then I want that all day event to be the SECOND event in the evtsToReorder collection - not the first.  My code below is generating the following error:  Error: Cannot modify a collection while it is being iterated.

Not sure why I'm getting this error as I'm out of the for loop when I'm trying to re-order the collection.  Any help is appreciated!

    for (sObject s : scope) 
            User evtOwner = (User)s;
            Id evtOwnerId = evtOwner.Id;
                List <Event> evtsToReorder = new Event[ownrIdsToEvents.get(evtOwnerId).size()];
                evtsToReorder = ownrIdsToEvents.get(evtOwnerId);
                Boolean userHasAllDayEvent = false;
                Boolean reOrderList = false;
                Event allDayEvent;
                Event zoneRotationEvent;

                for(Event ee: ownrIdsToEvents.get(evtOwnerId))//loop through each owners events
                    if (ee.IsAllDayEvent && ee.RecordType.Name != 'Zone Rotation') 
                        userHasAllDayEvent = true;
                         allDayEvent = ee;
                    if(ee.RecordType.Name == 'Zone Rotation' && userHasAllDayEvent)
                        reOrderList = true;
                        zoneRotationEvent = ee;
                        Event zoneRotationEventToMove = ee;
                if(reOrderList && userHasAllDayEvent && evtsToReorder.size() > 1)
                    evtsToReorder.set(0, zoneRotationEvent);
                    evtsToReorder.add(1, allDayEvent);