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Hope E.Hope E. 

Updating Event's Start/End date when a checkbox is checked

Does any one knows what's the best way to set a default dat is start and End date of an event when a checkbox is checked and remove the date whe it's false?

I tried to do that via Validation rules and workflow but the Start/End date doesnt exists in a list of fields

Thanks ​
Roman E.Roman E.

You can use Process Builder for that.
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Hope E.Hope E.

Hi Roma,
I did it but it's not working. it was like this. could you please check if I made a mistake or could you please tell me exactly which steps I should take?

User-added image

I really apreciate your help. thx alot

Roman E.Roman E.
Just tried updating event when created - everything works fine, so I assume the problem is not on that screen.
It just does not work, no errors? Did you activated it?
Start Date and End Date of the Event object are standard mandatory fields. These fields can not have blank or null values