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Louis SummersLouis Summers 

Newbie who has been taking the Trailhead courses

After completing numerous modules in Trailhead, I feel that I would like to work as a Salesforce Developer at some point.  Aside from continuing my Trailhead, how does one who is currently unemployed go about finding a position as developer?  Is certification the next step?  I see plenty of job postings for Senior level developers.  Could some of you share your experiences if they relate to mine. I would imagine that many got their foot in the door when their current employer chose to migrate to Salesforce, or had a position in a company that offered them training in their already existing Salesforce infrastructure.  Any advice related to my situation would be greatly appreciated!
I'd find the local user's group, and get to their meetings. There you would be able to get introduced to many SF users.  There might be some non-profits that would take a few days of help, or a company that has existing developers that could bring you on.
Louis SummersLouis Summers
Thanks Jeffrey. Sounds like a good start.