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Jerome RussJerome Russ 

Turn on Forecasting via ANT Migration Tool

I am attempting to use the ANT Migration Tool to move code from a Sandbox to another Sandbox and I am encountering an issue where the profiles will not deploy because ' Error: Unknown user permission: OverrideForecasts'.

Note: When I save the src/Settings/Forecasting.settings file by itself it succeeds and then I can deploy all the code without errors.

This is an issue because I cannot validate to production until we turn on Forecasting (profile errors) and we don't want to turn on Forecasting until we are deployed. We could, on release day, turn on forecasting manually and then deploy but we won't be able to validate our code will deploy until we turn it on, so that isn't a good solution either.

Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong?
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This is not something you can do via ANT and you will have to enable it prior to doing your deployment.  An option would be to remove the OverrideForecasts permission from your XML and then do your push.