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vijaya kudupudivijaya kudupudi 

How to dislay show custom visualforce page as default page(home page) after login into salesforce ?

Hi all,

I have a requirement, whenever user login into salesforce it should display one popup with lead status. I made my visualforce page as default landing page(setup --> create --> apps -->edit)
Default Landing Tab --> (LeadHome)My Visualforce page.
But it is not displaying my VF page whenever I login into salesforce. Any one please help me.
anto nirmalanto nirmal
Hi Vijaya,

Can you please provide more information about this?
Does your VF page is for a single record or is this generic on an object?

Anto Nirmal
vijaya kudupudivijaya kudupudi
Hi anto,

Thanks for your reply. My VF page is for list of lead object records which having status as 'Open - Not Contacted'.